Cloud computing


  • March 2018:

- OpenStack@LAL: Mitaka version
- OpenStack@IPHC: Ocata version

  • January 2018:

- Docker 17.12
- IN2P3 IT school on container in June

  • October 2017:

- OpenStack day in Paris.

  • June 2017:

- AWS Summit in Paris

  • March 2017:

- OpenStack@CC-IN2P3 is now working with Neutron and is upgraded to Mitaka


Using the OpenStack solution

OpenStack@CC-IN2P3: a community academic cloud.
OpenStack@IPHC: a federated academic cloud.
OpenStack@LAL: a public academic cloud.

Using the OpenNebula solution

OpenNebula@USPC: a community academic cloud.

Using the StratusLab solution

Not more available => see OpenStack@LAL.

How to make a disk image for cloud catalogs

An old method to create and customize cloud images.

Using Docker

Linux containers working as virtual machines. Docker containers will be provided by OpenStack academic clouds soon.

Using SlipStream

Tool for cloud federation and complex workflows.

Example of applications on the cloud