Managing disk image

Disk image

StratusLab's documentation

  • To modify a disk image
$ stratus-run-instance --save --author-email ID
VM$ do your job...
$ stratus-shutdown-instance id

Note: for RHEL OS family (CentOS, Scientific Linux...), you need to remove files before the shutdown:

$ stratus-connect-instance id
root@vm $ rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70*
  • To create a disk image from a base image
$ stratus-create-image --author-email --author "Smith" 
--comment "Base image with scientific tools." --no-shutdown
--packages gcc,gcc-gfortran,cfitsio,openmpi --image-version 1.1 
--scripts /tmp/ ID
$ stratus-connect-instance id
VM$ do your job...
$ stratus-shutdown-instance id

Note 1: same remark as before.
Note 2: using a script allows to automatize the image creation. Example of script can be find here.

  • To create a disk image from scratch

Using an hypervisor: QEMU/KVM, XEN, VMWare ESXI, VirtualBox...
See Using VirtualBox section.

Metadata signature

Note: a grid certificate is needed to permanently reference the new/modified disk images on the Marketplace.

  • Modified and created disk image
$ stratus-sign-metadata manifest-not-signed.xml
$ stratus-validate-metadata manifest-not-signed.xml
$ stratus-upload-metadata manifest-not-signed.xml

Note: take care of the period of validity written in the XML file.

  • Disk image from scratch

In the local directory of the new SL-6.X-XX.qcow2 (see Disk image finalisation) you need to create metadata to identify your image on the Marketplace and to give the URL of the disk image location:

$ stratus-build-metadata --author='Smith' --os=SL --os-version=6.2 --os-arch=x86_64
--image-version=1.0 --comment='Base image' --compression=gz --format=qcow2 
--hypervisor=virtualbox --location=http://www.sever_web/SL-6.2-x86_64-base-
1.0.qcow2.gz SL-6.2-x86_64-base-1.0.qcow2
$ stratus-sign-metadata SL-6.2-x86_64-base-1.0.xml
$ stratus-upload-metadata SL-6.2-x86_64-base-1.0.xml


  • To delet a MarketPlace disk image
$ stratus-deprecate-metadata --email --reason='Invalid image' ID

Note: wrong disk images are move to "Deprecate" repertory.