Welcome to the FACe wiki web site.

At FACe, we use different computing technologies.

  • Parallel computing
    A combination of homogeneous resources: hardware, software and data at the same place. Generally these resources bound together on the same network (LAN).
    A parallel computing task usually has real-time jobs, and the results of the jobs are dependent on each other.
    See ARAGO and APC clusters.

  • Grid computing
    An evolution of distributed-computing system, which can be considered as a combination of heterogeneous resources: hardware, software and data from different places. These resources are distributed on several computers with different operating systems and protocols, and are connected over the networks (WAN).
    Grid computing suits well the jobs with rare communications, sush as independent Monte-Carlo simulation.
    See GAP APC grid node.

  • Cloud computing
    An evolution of classical homogeneous resources to virtual resources: unlocated hardware, virtual machine and virtual storage.
    Cloud computing is very similar to cluster computing.
    See Cloud computing.