OpenStack configuration and connexion

Web interface: Horizon DashBoard

To connect to the Web interface use the credentials in $~/.novacreds/

Password = OS_PASSWORD

From the local computer

  • Credentials:

Create a credential file for each cloud infrastructures:

$ cat ~/.novacreds/
export NOVA_KEY_DIR=/home/user/.novacreds
export OS_USERNAME="user"
export OS_PASSWORD="pwd"
export OS_TENANT_NAME="tenant"
export OS_AUTH_URL="endpoint"
$ chmod o-rwx .novacreds
$ source ~/.novacreds/
  • End-user client:

To install the OpenStack clients, you need:
- Python 2.6 or later.
- Pip.
For Mac OS X with brew tool:

$ brew install pip
$ pip install python-novaclient python-neutronclient python-cinderclient 
python-glanceclient ...

To update the client:

$ pip install --upgrade python-novaclient

and to use the Nova client:

$ nova list
$ nova ...

From the cloud frontal (only for CC-IN2P3)

To connect to the cloud master node:

$ ssh