Motivation for Federation

  • Heterogeneity of cloud platforms:
    • Cloud manager: StratusLab, OpenStack, OpenNebula...
    • Resources.
    • Quota.
  • Geographical distribution.
  • Interoperability:
    • Resource migration and redundancy: downtime of the Cloud due to failure or upgrade/update.
    • Disk image contextualization.

Federation of French Cloud infrastructure in the academic framework: FG-cloud

  • Sites:
    • OpenStack: @LAL, @CCIN2P3, @IPHC, @LUPM, @Lille, @LPC Clermont
    • CloudMIP: OpenNebula@IRIT
  • Sites in agreement with EGI-cloud (European Grid Infrastructure) : @IPHC
  • Goals:
    • Common disk image catalogue.
    • Distributed persistent storage.
    • Interware (between user and infrastructure): VM-DIRAC and SlipStream.