On-line workshop "Probing the Extragalactic Universe with High and Very High Energy sources"


Vous trouverez ci-dessous l'annonce d'un atelier virtuel consacré à l'espace extragalactique sondé grâce aux sources de hautes et très hautes énergies, qui aura lieu du 9 au 11 décembre. Il est d'ores et déjà possible de s'inscrire et de proposer une contribution à cet atelier.


Seminar of Philosophy of Science: Replicability in cosmology: lessons to be drawn from the Hubble constant so called 'crisis'

Seminar of Philosophy of Science

Title: Replicability in cosmology: lessons to be drawn from the Hubble constant so called 'crisis'

Speaker: Dr Marie Gueguen, Center for the Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburg

Friday the 20th of November, 11:00

Zoom: link communicated via e-mail

We are organising a cycle of seminars of philosophy of science this semester at the APC.

Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos in the Multi-Messenger Era

The 'Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos in the Multi-Messenger Era' conference aims to bring together the scientific communities working on high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos, from an experimental point of view as well as from a theoretical and phenomenological sides. In addition to detailed presentations of theoretical models dealing with the production of cosmic rays and astrophysical neutrinos, the conference will include reviews of the latest experimental results as well as prospects for the next decade.

Active Galactic Nuclei: fueling and feedback

Dynamical mechanisms are essential to exchange angular momentum in galaxies, 
drive the gas to the center, and fuel the central super-massive black holes. 
While at 100pc scale, the gas is sometimes stalled in nuclear rings, recent observations 
reaching 10pc scale, or 60mas with ALMA, have revealed, within the sphere of influence
of the black hole, smoking gun evidence of fueling. Observations of AGN feedback 
will be described, together with the suspected responsible mechanisms. Molecular 


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