Quality and Project Assistance Unit

The Quality cell is made up of 3 people. It has a matrix organisation (team management and project management) and includes 4 themes :

  • The Project Quality Assurance
  • The Electronic Product Quality Assurance
  • The Product Quality Assurance in space projects
  • Document and Information Management and Reporting


  • The Project Quality Assurance : Quality Assurance tasks consist in implementing steps in order to control the critical parameters of a system or a project. It includes the redaction and the implementation of the Quality Manual, procedures, product traceability and non-conformances system, and project processes management.
    For both space projects and ground observatories, Product Assurance is mandatory to obtain high quality products compliant with their specifications.

  • The Electronic Product Quality insurance : The Quality unit has developed expertise in qualification and electronic product assurance which are of high interest when purchasing space application components and preparing qualification test plan documents for subcontractors.
    Another application of these skills is to assist and advise internal and external microelectronic designer teams to harden their design or mitigate radiations effects.

  • The Product Quality Assurance in space projects : Since 2012, CQAP has consolidated and completed its product assurance expertise for space projects in the following related fields:
    - Risk, reliability analysis, technology readiness level review, electronic (EEE components qualification and selection), Firmware (VHDL), and mechanic.
    - Assembly Integration Tests and instrumentation Quality Assurance skills developed with the Taranis project.

  • Document and Information Management and Reporting : This task covers the needs of Electronics Document Management, scientific bibliography, development of database studies and various types of indicators. This activity provides crucial information for the laboratory and funding agencies together with an efficient support for decision-making at global laboratory management level (Directors Boards, Scientific Advisory Board,Working Groups on Prospectives, etc.).

Service organization chart


The unit is involved in the following projects :

Space project LISA
Space project ATHENA

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