Quality and Project Assistance Unit

Organigramme du service

The role of the Quality and Project Support Unit of the laboratory is to support the projects in terms of methods and tools of analysis in product insurance and to set up a quality system of the laboratory. It also aims to promote the valorization of research results.

The missions of the CQAP team revolve around the following areas:

    Laboratory Quality (continuous improvement, Quality Manual, procedures, website)
    Project Quality and Product Insurance (for ground and embedded equipment)
    The management of laboratory-specific project reviews (Project Monitoring Unit / CSP)
    The management of information and documentation (indicators, technical and scientific documents)

Laboratory Quality
Quality Manual


Quality System Documents

    I-016922 Procedure for control of non-conforming products
    I-016895 Procedure for control of documentation and records
    I-028604 Procedure for the management of corrective and preventive actions
    I-028603 Procedure for the management of internal quality audits
    Project documents templates
    Models of notes, reports, APC presentation frame

Project Quality and Product Insurance

The members of the CQAP organize and follow the activities Quality and Assurance Product according to the needs and the demands of the projects. They are responsible for implementing and monitoring all the provisions making it possible to control the parameters of the projects and to ensure that the product conforms to the initial specifications:

    Document management and configuration management
    Planning (control planning)
    Risk Assessment
    Managing anomalies
    Traceability - product and manufacturing monitoring
    Review of assembly plans and procedures
    Qualification of EEE components

The CQAP has acquired very strong skills in Quality and Assurance Product space and is clearly operational in this field in terms of mastery of spatial references and organization.
In particular, she acquired expertise in operational safety and in AIT / AIV (monitoring of assembly - integration, follow-up of tests, delivery).

Supports available:

    Examples of project documents
    Software Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance Materials, Components, Processes
    Quality Assurance EEA Components
    Technology Readiness Levels

The management of laboratory-specific project reviews (Project Monitoring Unit / CSP)

This chapter is developed in the CSP tab.

Managing Information and Documentation

The APC laboratory has put in place a centralized management policy for the indicators in order to meet and satisfy the demands of the guardians, the agencies and the scientific community.

The duties of the Information Management Officer are as follows:

    Administering laboratory information systems (ATRIUM, HAL, ...)
    Assisting and training staff in the use of documentary tools, analyzing the needs of users (projects, groups or services) of the documentary system and proposing adapted solutions
    Support for project teams (scientific and technical): documentation, dashboards ...
    Ensure the establishment and management of laboratory indicators


    Head of Quality Unit: Corinne JUFFROY
    EEA Product Insurance Manager: Stephane COLONGES
    Information Management Engineer: Catherine HUGON