Mechanical Service


The mechanical service is composed of 7 staff members. It is managed according to the lab "matrix" organization (management in service and by experience). The service includes a design office and a manufacturing workshop.

Organization chart of the department

Technical facilities


The prototypes are machined in the workshop on conventional machine tools (milling machine, lathe) and mainly now on a 3 axis machining center (DMU70) bought in 2008.

Design office

Within the experiments in which the mechanical group is involved, the design office is in charge of the design and study of assemblies or mechanical assemblies. To carry out its activities, the design office is equipped with the following software:

    Computer Aided Design (CAO): CATIA V5
    Finite element calculations: ANSYS, SAMCEF
    Technical Data Management (TDM): ATRIUM and Smarteam

Main projects

The service is currently involved in several projects and R & D:

    Space mission TARANIS / XGRE instrument
    Space mission SVOM / ECLAIRs instrument
    Spatial planning ATHENA
    Double Chooz
    R & D KIDs
    R & D Compton