Assembly hall

Ground layout of the assembly hall

The Assembly hall, located in the ground floor of the Condorcet-B building hosts the AIT (Assembly, Integration, Tests) activities at APC. The 300 m2 hall is divided into several areas, dedicated to different experiments. A badge system manages the access clearance.

Activities in the hall include test and validation of subsystems such as photodetectors, metrology using the 3D measurement machine (MMT), and assembly and test of instruments such as QUBIC.

The hall is equipped with a 4000 kg crane, with a height under hook of 3,4 meters. The access to the internal yard (where deliveries of instruments are made) is made with a 4m-wide sliding door. The ceiling height is at least of 2.75 meters.

Other equipments available are a black box for optical studies, a 10 m3 water tank for testing photodetectors to be operated undersea (neutrino zone), and various handling systems.


View of the Assembly Hall, with the QUBIC Instrument (in the foreground) being tested

Two 34 kW heat exchangers are currently being installed in order to cool down the pulse tube compressors used in cryogenic systems in various experiments such as QUBIC. This area is currently being upgraded in order to receive numerous cryostats, be it for the CRYOMAT platform or for the SPIAKID experiment.

It is also foreseen to put the MMT machine into an ISO8 clean room to allow metrology measurements of space components (e.g., for LISA or other space mission).  A dilution cryostat will also be installed in this clean room to integrate the LiteBIRD focal planes.

Contact person: L. Grandsire