History of the Neutrino
September 5-7, 2018
Paris, France


The schedule includes 10-15 minutes of discussion after each talk.

 Wednesday September 5 - Morning session
 Chairperson : G. Hamel de Montchenault
08:30 - 09:00 REGISTRATION  
Invention of a new particle
09:00 - 09:10 Welcome   [Slides]     [Video] Antoine Kouchner(Director of APC)
Daniel Vignaud (APC)
09:10 - 09:55 The prehistory of the neutrino    [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Allan Franklin 
(University of Colorado, USA)
09:55 - 10:40 Birth of the neutrino, from Pauli to the Reines-Cowan experiment   [Slides]     [Proceedings] Cecilia Jarlskog 
(Lund University, Sweden)
10:40 - 11:10 Coffee Break  
11:10 - 11:55 First neutrino properties and muon-neutrino discovery   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Lee Grodzins 
11:55 - 12:40 The third neutrino family   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Alain Blondel 
(Université de Genève, Switzerland)
12:40 - 12:50 1st Historic context   [Slides]     [Video] Quentin Rodriguez 
(Clermont-Ferrand, France)
12:50 - 14:00 Lunch  
 Wednesday September 5 - Afternoon session
 Chairperson : J.J. Hernandez
Neutrinos in Nature - Interdisciplinary aspects
14:00 - 14:45 Solar neutrinos: the pioneering experiments   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Till Kirsten 
(MPI Heidelberg, Germany)
14:45 - 15:05 Atmospheric neutrinos: From the pioneering experiments to Kamiokande   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Paolo Lipari 
(INFN Roma, Italy)
15:05 - 15:25 The saga of atmospheric neutrinos   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] John Learned 
(University of Hawaii, USA)
15:25 - 15:40 Common discussion for P. Lipari & J. Learned  
15:40 - 16:10 Coffee Break  
16:10 - 16:55 Supernova neutrinos, from Gamow to the Present   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Adam Burrows 
(Princeton University, USA)
16:55 - 17:25 Geoneutrinos   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Livia Ludhova 
(Forschungszentum Julich, Germany)
Man-made sources of neutrinos
17:25 - 18:10 Reactor neutrinos: towards oscillation   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Petr Vogel 
(Caltech, USA)
18:10 - 18:20 Poster session   [List of accepted posters]
18:20 - 19:20 Welcome Cocktail
19:00 - 21:00 Public lecture (in French): Ettore Majorana et Bruno Pontecorvo: mystères et neutrinos   [Video] Etienne Klein
(CEA Saclay, France)
 Thursday September 6 - Morning session
 Chairperson: M. Zito
08:45 - 09:15 Accelerator neutrino beams   [Slides]     [Video] Sacha Kopp 
(State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA)
09:15 - 10:00 The neutral current saga   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Dieter Haidt 
(DESY Hamburg, Germany)
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break  
10:30 - 11:15 Neutrino physics at high energy (1971-1992)   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Konrad Kleinkecht 
(Univ. of Mainz/LMU Muenchen, Germany)
11:15 - 11:55 Neutrino beams: long-baseline experiments   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Gary Feldman 
(Harvard University, USA)
11:55 - 12:40 Neutrino mistakes: wrong hints and tracks, hopes and failures   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Maury Goodman 
(Argonne National Lab., USA)
12:40 - 14:00 Lunch  
 Thursday September 6 - Afternoon session
 Chairperson : G. Fiorentini
Quantum mechanics at work: oscillations & particle physics
14:00 - 14:45 Prehistory of neutrino oscillation   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Samoil Bilenky 
(JINR Dubna, Russia)
14:45 - 15:25 Quantum mechanics aspects and subtleties of neutrino oscillations   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Evgeny Akhmedov 
(MPI Heidelberg, Germany)
15:25 - 16:10 The Mikheyev-Smirnov-Wolfenstein (MSW) effect   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Alexeil Smirnov 
(MPI Heidelberg, Germany)
16:10 - 16:40 Group Picture in the Auditorium
Coffee Break
16:40 - 17:25 Atmospheric neutrinos: the anomaly becomes the discovery   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Takaaki Kajita 
(University of Tokyo, Japan)
17:25 - 18:10 Solar neutrinos: Flavor Change solves the longstanding problem   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Art McDonald 
(Queen's University, Canada)
18:10 - 18:20 2nd Historic context   [Slides]     [Video] Quentin Rodriguez 
(Clermont-Ferrand, France)
19:00 - 20:00 Visit of Musée d'Orsay 19:00 is the time according to the conference programme but the visit of the Museum can start at 18:00 (especially for accompagnying persons)
20:00 - 23:30 Dinner at Musée d'Orsay Restaurant
 Friday September 7 - Morning session
 Chairperson: C. Volpe
08:45 - 09:15 Reactor neutrinos: towards measurement of theta13   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Thierry Lasserre 
(CEA-Saclay, France)
Neutrinos and fundamental particle physics
09:15 - 10:00 Neutrino Masses and Mixing: a little History for a lot of Fun   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Concha Gonzalez-Garcia 
(U.Barcelona & Stony Brook Univ. Spain/USA)
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break  
10:30 - 11:15 Neutrinos and particle physics models   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Pierre Ramond 
(University of Florida, USA)
11:15 - 11:45 Majorana and neutrinos   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Francesco Guerra  
(Sapienza Univ. of Rome, Italy)
11:45 - 12:30 Nature of the neutrino (Dirac/Majorana) - Double beta decay with or without neutrinos   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Serguei Petcov 
(SISSA Trieste, Italy)
12:30 - 12:40 3rd Historic context   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Quentin Rodriguez 
(Clermont-Ferrand, France)
12:40 - 14:00 Lunch  
 Friday September 7 - Afternoon session
 Chairperson : J. Dumarchez
Messengers of the Universe and role in other disciplines
14:00 - 14:45 Neutrinos in Cosmology   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Jim Rich 
(CEA Saclay, France)
14:45 - 15:30 High energy neutrinos and neutrino telescopes   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Christian Spiering 
(DESY Zeuthen, Germany)
15:30 - 16:00 Coffee Break  
16:00 - 16:30 Neutrinos for peace   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Adam Bernstein  
(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
16:30 - 17:10 Multilateralism Approach in Neutrino Physics Sociology   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Michel Spiro 
(CEA & CNRS, France)
17:10 - 17:50 Conclusion: how the past history can shed light on the future of neutrinos   [Slides]     [Video]     [Proceedings] Francis Halzen 
(UW Madison, USA)
17:50 End of the conference   [Slides]     [Video] Michel Cribier
(CEA/APC, France)
  The History of Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations and its Own History   [Poster]     [Proceedings] John LoSecco 
(University of Notre Dame, USA)
  50 years of searching for neutrinoless double beta decay with Ge detectors   [Poster]     [Proceedings] Anatoly Smolnikov 
(MPI für Kernphysik Heidelberg, Germany)
  Neutrino oscillations: personal memories   [Poster]     [Proceedings] Francesco Ronga 
(INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy)
  The Jura project   [Poster]     [Proceedings] François Vannucci 
(LPNHE Paris, France)
  The Soviet DUMAND program (1980-1991) and development of alternative large-scale neutrino telescopes   [Proceedings] Igor Zheleznykh 
(INR, Moscow, Russia)
  From the TEXONO Neutrino Program to the China Jinping Underground Laboratory    [Proceedings] Henry T. Wong 
(Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan)