If you already have an account on Arago cluster, please ignore the following instructions, except the "Connection" and "known_hosts file" part

To have an account on APC cluster

  • APC's account

To calculate on APC cluster you must have an computing account of the lab. It's the one with which we connect to different servers of APC such as the ssh server "apcssh.in2p3.fr".

If you don't have one please complete your demand here :


  • Activation of the computing account on the cluster

You need to send us your demande through :


Remember to log in with your APC's account to be able to complete the form.

First connection to the cluster APC

  • Frontal machine

The frontal machine of the cluster APC is also the master node "apcclm.in2p3.fr".

  • Connection

via ssh :

ssh login@apcclm
  • SSH public and private keys

When you submit a batch job the master node will send your job to compute nodes under your account. And you need to create your ssh keys to make it work.

If you don't have any ssh keys under your home directory on the cluster (/home/$USER) :

ssh-keygen -t dsa

Important : create a ssh key without passphrase

If you already have an ssh private and public key under your home directory on the cluster :

cat .ssh/id_dsa.pub > .ssh/authorized_keys

Make sure that the key files are read-only to yourself for security reason :

chmod -R 700 .ssh
  • "known_hosts" file

Copy the default known_host file to your ".ssh" directory :

cp /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts2  ~/.ssh/known_hosts