Technical services

The Technical Department is made of 5 technical services which support the research groups for the development of dedicated instruments from the earlier stage through construction until the data exploitation. Global organization is based on a matrix project approach. The technical services are organized by engineering skills : mechanics, electronics and microelectronics, experimental techniques, IT, and product assurance. The staff member can thus contribute to 2 or 3 projects with agility and to capitalize know-how in different domains.

The technical services contribute to most of the laboratory's flagship research (12 in total) and has developed specific competences in space technologies, neutrino detectors, high precision interferometry for gravitation wave detection, cryogenic detection chains, high energy spectro imagers, integration of global systems and scientific data management.

R&D programs complement the baseline project commitments and prepare the future needs for Astroparticles instruments. Technical facilities and platforms are developed as described in specific tabs of the web site.

For more information, see the lab's activity report (2017-2021)