Cosmological models of composite dark matter and their physical and astrophysical tests

The topic of dark matter is not, unfortunately, widely explored, especially, in the direction of composite dark matter models, which attract more interest in view of the problems of  direct searches for simple dark matter candidates like WIMPs or  supersymmetric particles. The development of such models implies  studies of physics Beyond the Standard model, cosmological scenarios  of LSS formation and astrophysical and physical probes for the  composite dark matter constituents.

The project assumes:
1. Studies of BSM particle models, predicting various forms of composite dark matter and their classification.
2 . Studies of formation of such objects in early Universe and their cosmological evolution.
3. Numerical simulation of formation of Large Scale Structure by O-helium dark atoms.
4. Cosmological evolution of dark atoms with dark Coulomb forces.
5. Study of effects of decaying dark atom constituents in cosmic rays and gamma radiation and constraints on such particles from cosmic experiments.
The timetable of these tasks depends on the skill of candidate and his experience. During the first year the candidate should attend special courses, which give him necessary knowledge to fulfil these tasks.

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Maxim Khlopov