Organigramme du service

The administration of the unit today brings together, under the impulse of the administrative director, 13 agents whose activities are to manage and accompany research.

This management covers the budget of the unit allocated by our four tutors, the CNRS, the Paris-Diderot University, the CEA and the Observatoire de Paris. It also covers human resources management.

In 2009, the support of research activities resulted in the setting up of a conference cell by the creation of the Center François ARAGO (FACe) in 2010, which is dedicated to an officer in charge of the secretariat and Of the Center's administration. This is also reflected in the recruitment of project managers on projects such as the European project INFIERI or the Project Manager of the CNCP.

To characterize the evolution of the service, one will signal its commitment in the project structure implemented in the unit since its refoundation.

The project structure is indeed present in all areas of activity of the service. For example:

The financial management is organized around a reference physicist, a project manager and a referent manager.

HR management, with the setting up of a "Labex UnivEarthS" project, which brings together the Labex project manager recruited by the Paris-Diderot University, the manager of the permanent staff of the APC who manages all recruitment requests On Labex credit before their establishment by the University, as well as the Labex credit manager.


Financial management at the CPA:

The financial management of the CPA is implemented by 6 agents but not all are dedicated full-time to this activity.

Thus, the "hard core" of management is made up of 6 agents (5.4 FTEs), two of whom are in fixed-term contracts (*) and who share "146 spending entities". These entities translate the matrix organization of the laboratory into thematic groups, services and scientific projects.

The share of Own Resources, all credits combined (ANR, CNES, Europe ...), represents 2/3 of our financing.

(*) In January 2016

HR management at APC:

The APC brings together 135 full-time staff or long-term contractors, but also PhD students, post-doctoral students, associate physicists, visitors and trainees.

In total, more than 200 agents work at APC.

Two staff members are dedicated to personnel management, permanent staff and long-term contracts and non-permanent staff.

Their mission is to follow the procedures of recruitment, to ensure the reception of new entrants, to accompany and advise the personnel for their career files, competitions, for holidays and absences. These two officers provide advice and assistance to the members of the unit and all relevant information in the field of personnel regulation.


The administrative department, like the entire laboratory, is committed to a quality approach. It sets up procedures that should facilitate the day-to-day work of the APC researchers and ITAs but also offer management facilitation tools.

In this context, a computerized reception procedure for new entrants was put in place at the PCA. This procedure is posted on the laboratory website since March 2010.

In order to provide assistance to the management of the CPA in the responses to the surveys of our guardianships, an HR indicators database was designed by an engineer in charge of the management and the processing of the information with the advice and the Support of the unit's HR managers.

Finally, we will also note the creation in 2011 of an inventory database, under FileMaker Pro. The creation of this database, which makes it possible to record all the equipment acquired by the laboratory and to produce labels intended to identify them, was welcomed by the Regional Delegation during its management audit.