APPEC Technology Forum 2022 - September, Prague

Dear colleagues,

The AstroParticle Physics European Consortium (APPEC) invites you to join its Technology Forum for a discussion about the technical challenges of the Astroparticle, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics communities. This event will be held on-site in Prague on 20-21 September 2022.

The APPEC Technology Forum 2022’s main theme is “Robotics and operation at large-scale instruments in harsh environments”, including space, ground and underwater telescopes, as well as robotics in the nuclear field.

AstroCeNT / APC annual meeting

Dear all,

As part of the APC-AstroCeNT (AC) cooperation program, every year we organize a joint collaboration meeting within the framework of the strategic partnership between the two centers.

Common activities concern dark matter and liquid argon detectors and projects are proposed on gravitation and neutrinos.

You are most welcome to attend this year's joint meeting on Monday, January 17th, 2022 - 09:30-16:00

conférence de la SFP Paris-Sud par Michel Spiro le jeudi 18 novembre 2021 L'Histoire des astroparticules ( L'astronomie multi-messager et la contribution française)

Michel Spiro, ancien président de la SFP et actuel président de l'IUPAP proposera une conférence d’intérêt général  ( de la section locale "Paris-Sud" de la Société Française de Physique) le jeudi 18 novembre à 16:00 Auditorium Pierre Lehmann d'IJCLab, bat 200 du centre d'Orsay de l'Université Paris Saclay et zoom

Philosophy in Science: Can Philosophers of Science Permeate through Science and Produce Scientific Knowledge? - Möbius Seminars 30/09/2021

Most philosophers of science do philosophy ‘on’ science. By contrast, others do philosophy ‘in’ science (‘PinS’), that is, they use philosophical tools to address scientific problems and to provide scientifically useful proposals. Here, we consider the evidence in favour of a trend of this nature. We proceed in two stages.


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