Scalar-vector gauge unification and quantum de Sitter geometry

We consider the massless minimally coupled scalar field in the de Sitter ambient space formalism as a gauge potential or connection field. We construct the scalar gauge theory by helping an arbitrary constant five-vector field B analogous to the standard gauge theory. The Lagrangian density of the interaction between the scalar and spinor fields is presented in this framework. The Yukawa potential can be extracted from this Lagrangian density at the null curvature limit by an appropriate choice of a constant five-vector field. It is shown that the de Sitter ambient space formalism permits us to unify the scalar and vector gauge fields. By choosing a matrix form for the constant five-vector field B, the unification of scalar and vector gauge fields in the spectral action of noncommutative geometry can be rewritten. We discuss that if the scalar gauge field is considered as a conformal sector of the background metric field, it may be interpreted as the connection field between the different de Sitter hyperboloids in the quantum geometry from the classical point of view.


Tuesday, 22 November, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00

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Mohammad Takook



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