Zodiacal Emission from Planck, COBE, IRAS and other Satellites

Zodiacal Emission is the emission of infrared radiation by heated particles in our Solar System. The full-sky Zodiacal emission was first mapped over the full-sky by the IRAS satellite, but it has now been detected by COBE, Planck, WISE, and Akari, among others. There has, however, never been an analysis which combined all these experiments. In addition, many earlier analyses were done with computers that are much less powerful than those to which we have access today. Since future satellite such as Euclid and CORE will be so sensitive that even this Zodiacal Emission must be accounted for, we will do a modern, combined analyses of all existant satellite Zodiacal emission in order to better understand one of the primary constituents of our Solar System. 

Contact: Ken Ganga  gangaatapc.univ-paris-diderot.fr


Ken Ganga