QUBIC Observatory: Aerial view during the inauguration Credit: MINCyT
On 23 November the QUBIC Observatory was inaugurated with great success.
Observatoire QUBIC : Vue aérienne lors de l’inauguration Crédit : MINCyT
Le 23 novembre l’Observatoire QUBIC a été inauguré avec un grand succès.

Cosmology dependence on the covariance of galaxy clusters in Rubin/LSST

The covariance of galaxy clusters is an important element when constraining cosmology with galaxy clusters. However its computation is costly in computational resources, especially when it depends on cosmology. We propose an evaluation of the impact on the cosmological parameters when the modeling of the cluster covariance is simplified. This is one of the projects for the preparation of the LSST-DESC cluster cosmology framework.


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