Ground-based CMB data analysis in preparation of CMB-S4


Future ambitious CMB observations aim at pushing back the frontiers of our understanding of the universe we live in and of fundamental particles and interactions. The CMB-S4 ground-based observatory, which will be deployed at the South Pole in Antarctica and in the Atacama desert in Chile, will constrain models of cosmic inflation with unprecedented precision by looking for the signature of primordial gravitational waves in CMB polarization. It will also, as part of an extremely rich science program, constrain the number of light particle species, contribute to constraining the total mass of the three light neutrinos, and map dark matter structures in the cosmic web using the gravitational lensing of the CMB as they propagate towards us.
This research project is focused on the preparation of the CMB-S4 data analysis pipeline, with an emphasis on using multi-frequency techniques to separate CMB emission from emissions origination within our own galaxy or in the Earth atmosphere. As part of the preparation of the CMB-S4 pipeline, the student will be given the opportunity to work on upcoming ground-based CMB experiments in which the supervisor is involved.
Most of the research will be carried-out at the Centre Pierre Binétruy, a CNRS/UCBerkeley international research laboratory located in Berkeley, CA, USA. Partial funding allocation will be provided by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which is DOE lead laboratory for the CMB-S4 project.


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