Constraints on dark energy from eBOSS lyman-alpha data

The discovery of the accelerated expansion of the Universe was a surprise and remains a mystery. Is it due to a yet misunderstood theory of gravity or fueled by the perplexing dark energy? The BOSS/eBOSS survey is a state-of-the-art experimental effort to shed light on the matter. The PhD candidate will work in the context of the BOSS/eBOSS international collaboration. She/he will use lyman-alpha data to extract the highest-redshift most precise measurements of the Hubble expansion rate and the angular diameter distance to constrain the history of the expansion rate. She/he is expected to write her/his own analysis codes, design statistical tests and develop numerical simulations in order to validate the measurements.

Contact: Nicolas Busca ( and Eric Aubourg


Nicolas Busca and Eric Aubourg