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High-energy particles and relativistic sources in astrophysics

High-energy particles and relativistic sources in astrophysics
Where do cosmic rays, neutrinos and high-energy photons come from? How is
radiation emitted from black hole environments, blazars, gamma-ray bursts and other
relativistic sources? What process gives rise to the electromagnetic counterparts of
gravitational wave events? All these questions shape the rapidly-developing fields of
high-energy astrophysics and multi-messenger astrophysics. At the heart of these
The H.E.S.S. observatory in Namibia detected very high energy gamma rays coming from the plasma beams ("jets") of the microquasar SS 433, and located the exact location in them of one of the most efficient particle accelerators in the world. galaxy.
L’observatoire H.E.S.S. en Namibie a détecté des rayons gamma de très haute énergie provenant des faisceaux de plasma (« jets ») du microquasar SS 433, et localisé l’emplacement exact, dans ces derniers, de l’un des accélérateurs de particules les plus efficaces de la galaxie.
View of the WFEE demonstration model. ©Laboratoire APC
Vue du modèle de démonstration WFEE . © Laboratoire APC


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