Simons Observatory Begins Hunt for Echoes of the Big Bang in Universe’s Oldest Light

One of the small-aperture telescopes at the Simons Observatory. Brian Keating/UC San Diego

The first telescopes of the Simons Observatory in Chile have started taking data and thus mark the scientific start of this project which will observe over 10 years and which aims to carry out the most precise measurement ever made of the cosmic microwave background. The APC plays a central role in this project, including the responsibility of the working group for the discovery of primordial gravitational waves resulting from the hypothetical cosmic inflation, as well as the coordination of the ERC SciPol project which aims to develop innovative data analysis techniques. Finally, the APC plays an important role in the KID4Origins project planning the construction and operation of an additional telescope to the Simons Observatory, in partnership with several French laboratories and institutes, in order to improve our understanding of galactic dust which is one of the most limiting factors for the detection of primordial gravitational waves.

APC membrers APC involved in the project:
Magdy Morshed 
Simon Biquard
Ema Tsang King Sang
Amalia Villarrubia Aguilar 
Pierre Chanial
Josquin Errard
Wassim Kabalan
Ken Ganga
Jim Bartlett 
Benjamin Beringue
Wuhyun Song
Artem Basyrov
Radek Stompor (associé)
Jean-Baptiste Melin (associé)

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