Publication by Virgo and LIGO of the GWTC-2 catalog containing 39 detections

The final classification and analysis of the 39 events detected by Virgo
and LIGO during the "O3a" data collection (April 1st - October 1st,
2019) was published on October 29, 2020. Most of the O3a sources are
binary black hole mergers. A probable merger of a binary neutron star
and two possible "hybrid" systems - formed by a black hole and a neutron
star - are also included in this source catalog. While four of these
events have already been the subject of a separate publication,
justified by their remarkable character, the new edition of the catalog
gives for the first time a panorama of the detections of the 1st part of
the O3 run. The study of the properties of the detected sources
questions some established models of the formation of compact objects,
black holes in particular and open up new scenarios.

The complete catalog including the events of "O3b" (the 2nd part of O3,
from November 1, 2019 to March 27, 2020) will be published in the coming

APC teams participated in the design and construction of the Advanced
Virgo instrument, as well as in the exploitation of scientific data.

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