Postdoctoral position in high performance numerical techniques for Cosmic Microwave Background data analysis.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in applied mathematics, high performance computing background or computational physics and expertise in at least one of the following:

  • solvers of large linear systems of equations with help of new, customized approaches suitable for massively parallel supercomputers with particular emphasis on preconditioning techniques;
  • large-scale optimization problems;
  • massively parallel, high performance programming on heterogeneous computational platforms;
  • solutions to large scales I/O problems in the context of massively parallel codes and huge data sets.

The position is for up to two years with the starting date some time in the fall of 2018. The approximate salary after the burden will be on order of 2 k€ per month, depending on candidate's experience. The position comes with full benefits. Travel founds are also allocated.

The candidate will work within the context of the B3DCMB project, which gathers cosmologists, physicists, applied mathematicians, high performance computing experts, and statisticians and aims at a development of novel, high performance numerical methods and tools for cosmic microwave background analysis.  S/he will be formally attached to the APC Laboratory and the group of cosmologists and physicists based there. However, arrangements can be made that s/he spends significant fractions of his/her time at the INRIA-Paris to work directly with computer scientists/applied mathematicians from the Alpines team led by Laura Grigori and to have a double affiliation. While the candidate is expected to dedicate most of his/her work time to  the goals of the B3DCMB project, time could be allocated for part-time personal projects upon mutual agreement.

This position is funded by the DIM-ACAV funds from the Ile-de-France region and ANR funds through the B3DCMB project.

For more details and information, please contact:

radek(at)apc(dot)univ(dash)paris(dash)diderot(dot)fr  or  Laura(dot)Grigori(at)inria(dot)fr

To apply directly please send to the email addresses above: your CV, statement of research interests, and arrange for two recommendation letters.


R. Stompor



Monday, 30 April, 2018