Exploring the primordial Universe, inflation and primordial Gravitational Waves with QUBIC, the QU Bolometric Interferometer for Cosmology

The quest for B-mode polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background is among the most promising topics in Observational Cosmology as it would sign the presence of primordial gravitational waves hence opening a window on the inflation era. It also one the most challenging as the expected is very small and require high sensitivity and low systematic instruments with wide frequency coverage in order to separate the primordial signal from foreground emissions.

QUBIC (QU Bolometric Interferometer for Cosmology : http://qubic.in2p3.fr) is a novel instrumental concept, dedicated to B-mode search, bringing together the advantages of bolometers in terms of sensitivity and those of interferometers in terms of control of instrumental systematics. The interferometric nature of QUBIC also permits spectro-imaging and improved spectral resolution with respect to imagers which could result in a significant advantage regarding foreground signal removal.

The Technological Demonstrator will be integrated at APC in 2017 and then be upgraded to the Full Instrument to be installed in the QUBIC site at 5000m a.s.l. in the province of Salta in Argentina in the course of 2018.

Besides being part of the integration, installation, commissioning and data taking, the PhD student be working on developing the data analysis and simulation pipeline in the APC team that regroups the leaders of the collaboration. He/she will have the opportunity to work on an edge-cutting instrument on one of the most challenging domains of observational cosmology.


J.-Ch. Hamilton






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