I. Neutrino physics intro
II. Neutrino & DUNE
III. Papers from group members

For the curious or in-need (beginner or advanced)
DUNE specific (physics and technology)
  • Far detector Technical Design Reports (TDRs)
    • Part 1 (Introduction to DUNE)  arxiv
    • Part 2 (DUNE Physics) arxiv
    • Part 3 (Technical Coordination) arxiv  
    • Part 4 (Single-phase Technology) arxiv
  • Near detector
    • Conceptual Design Report arxiv
  • SNOWMASS 2022
    • DUNE physics summary arxiv

Papers with significant contribution from group members
  • Technical papers:
    • 2021: Performance study of a 3x1x1 m3 dual phase liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber exposed to cosmic rays, WA105 Collaboration, JINST 16 (2021) 08, P08063