2-years post-doctoral position on experimental gravitational-wave astronomy

The first LIGO-Virgo gravitational-wave detections had dramatic consequences for astrophysics, cosmology and tests of general relativity. In order to increase the volume of the observed sky and then the signal-to-noise ratio of the signals detected, an increase of the Virgo sensitivity is crucial. In the next years, periods of data takings alternated with periods of detector’s upgrades will be performed for both Virgo and LIGO.

The selected candidate will contribute to the sensitivity improvements of the Virgo detector, in the framework of the Virgo-APC group and of the Virgo Collaboraiton. The Virgo-APC group is composed by a dozen of staff researchers, post-docs and phd students, and involved in all the aspects of the Virgo-LIGO gravitational-wave astronomy: detector development, analysis and exploitation of the LIGO-Virgo data, R&D for detector improvement.

The APC laboratory is located in the Paris Diderot University campus. The selected candidate will be based at APC and will perform working travels on the Virgo site, in Italy, near Pisa.

Selection criteria:

  • PhD in physics (already obtained or to be completed soon)
  • Experience in precision measurements, optics, interferometry and feedback control systems.

The position is immediately available.

Applications should be sent to Matteo Barsuglia (barsugliaatapc.univ-paris7.fr)


Matteo Barsuglia



Thursday, 31 May, 2018