Opening new windows on Early Universe with multi-messenger astronomy

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Primordial Gravitational Waves
Primordial Magnetic Fields
Primordial Black Holes
The goal of the project is to explore the possibility of opening new observational windows on the Early Universe (epochs before Big Bang Nucleosyntesis) using cosmological magnetic fields, gravitational waves and primordial black holes, all produced by primordial processes and surviving till the present epoch. We will assess the observational signatures of cosmological magnetic fields in the voids of the large scale structure and determine which information on their origin can be extracted from multi-messenger observational data (radio, gamma-ray, ultra-high-energy cosmic ray). The same type of processes leading to primordial magnetic seeds generates gravitational waves: we will assess their detectability by space-based detectors. We will test different scenarios of primordial black holes production and their observational signatures in multi-messenger astronomy data. Finally we will investigate the information on Early Universe physics that can be extracted from the joint detection of these observables.

dates of project April 1 , 2020 - March 31, 2023

Financial support of this Project was provided in part by 

- ANR, France

- RSF, Russia