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These are my personal web pages.

In the early days of web browsing, before we let all the commercial riff-raff onto the internet, web servers were mostly found only at academic institutions and national research laboratories. Students and members of staff all had usernames (or userids) on their institute’s computer system, and aside from the web pages of the institute, you could automatically find the personal pages of any member of staff, usually with a twiddle before the userid. The pages were an easy way to share information, extra data not found in the printed journals, and CVs for graduating students looking for post-doc positions. You can still find many pages like these.

I’ve moved around many times during my career, and decided to register my own domain name, using my userid which I had on many computer systems: satorchi. Here I have gathered together all the pages that appeared in ~sat, ~steve, and ~satorchi over the years on various web servers.

I have been the maintainer of a number of project web pages, beginning with the Odin radiometer pages hosted at Chalmers University of Technology and then at the University of Calgary. I also maintained the Canadian pages for Herschel, and Planck both hosted at the University of Calgary. My list of Canadian space astronomy projects was hosted by the Université de Montréal. While at Arecibo, I was responsible for the ALFA web pages. From 2006 through 2009 I maintained the SKADS web pages. At the Nançay radio astronomy observatory I continued working on SKA especially EMBRACE.

I am now at APC working mainly on QUBIC.

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