PSM release 2.0.2

About this version

This is the first version of a Post-launch PSM, released internally to the Planck collaboration for validation. It compatible with FFP10 simulations, which implement a different dust model based on the Vansyngel et al. (2016) dust simulations, and a simulation of CMB lensing correlated with the CIB and with SZ clusters.

It also implements new features such as: prelaunch and postlaunch models for dust; CO model based on Planck J1-0, with adjustable line ratios; new synchrotron using the reprocessed 408 MHz map from Remazeilles et al. (2015); Synchrotron with a random template; Lognormal statistics for small scale fluctuations added to dust and synchrotron in post-launch models, to avoid negative intensity maps; Polarized spinning dust; models of dust and synchrotron with rigid scaling; Contamination of galaxy clusters with infrared sources according to Planck observations; Default cosmological parameters matching the Planck best fit; Monopole y and mu distortions.

New visualisation tools have been included, in particular to compare the simulated CMB spectra with the Planck best fit, and to plot the frequency scaling of the galactic components and compare to 408MHz, Planck, and IRAS observations.

Models for instruments have been completely revised, and are not yet consolidated -- use with caution HFI, LFI and IRAS. WMAP does not work (will hopefully be fixed very soon for the next release).

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