PSM release 1.7.5

About this version

This is a version tagged specifically for traceability of the 'observation' of FFP4 simulations with band-averaged frequency bands.

New features as compared to 1.7.4 also include:

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Version 1.7.5 of the PSM has been used to generate 'observations' of diffuse foreground emission for the FFP4 full focal plane simulations of the Planck collaboration. These simulations are accessible only to Planck Core Team members (ask for the username and password to access the download page).

FFP4 simulations download page

Known bugs and issues

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DateBug or issueSolutionDownload patch
07 May 2012 The resolution written in the header of the galactic maps and kinetic SZ map are erroneous (0 instead of sky resolution). This bug propagates to the observed maps, which are slightly smoother than they should. No easy solution. The bug will be fixed in future versions. -
08 May 2012 Bug in WMAP sources (excessive flux due to units error for sources not detected in K band). Replace the "" file in "Soft/skymodel/ps/". v1.16
07 September 2012 The fauvet2011 galactic model sometimes generates horizontal stripes in the polarised galactic templates. This is due to the unsufficient resolution of the reference 3D model of the galactic disk. Do not use the fauvet2011 model in v1.7.5 (use mamd2008 instead), or use next releases. -

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