PSM release 1.7.3

About this version

This version is tagged and released for the production of Planck Full Focal Plane FFP4 simulations specifically. The main changes with respect to version 1.7.2 are in the CMB and the galactic emission.

In version 1.7.3, the interface with CAMB has been improved, and in particular CAMB output power spectra are written in a specific directory. The Gaussian and Non-Gaussian CMB models have been improved (more options, better accuracy). However, the model has not been tested much, except for the specific case run to produce the FFP4 simulations. We thus DO NOT RECOMMEND TO USE VERSION 1.7.3 FOR YOUR SIMULATIONS, unless you use the FFP4 configuration file (but, e.g., change the seed).

The generation of small scale fluctuations for polarised galactic emission has been revised.

Download version 1.7.3


Version 1.7.3 of the PSM has been used to generate sky simulations for the FFP4 full focal plane simulations of the Planck collaboration. These simulations are accessible only to Planck Core Team members (ask for the username and password to access the download page).

FFP4 simulations download page

Known bugs and issues

WARNING: this version results from extensive modifications of version 1.7.2 to match FFP4 requirements. The polarised galactic dust emission is too high by about a factor of 6 in this version. Also, the generation of the CMB has been extensively rewritten, but has been tested thoroughly only for non-gaussian input CMB with no lensing. Other CMB models are likely to fail, so we recommend, for these other CMB cases, using either v1.7.2 instead, or the next releases.

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DateBug or issueSolutionDownload patch
07 December 2011 Small bug for non-polarised Gaussian CMB. Replace the "" file in "Soft/skymodel/cmb/". v1.38
16 January 2012 Does not run with versions of CAMB posterior to July 2011, because CAMB assumes that it is run from the directory where its executable is located. Replace the "" file in "Soft/skymodel/cosmo/general/". v1.5
08 May 2012 Bug in WMAP sources (excessive flux due to units error for sources not detected in K band) Replace the "" file in "Soft/skymodel/ps/". v1.16

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