PSM release 1.7.2

About this version

This version is a minor update of v1.7.1. The only major modification is that now the small scale spinning dust emission is generated also when 'SPINDUST_EMISSION_LAW' is 'dl98_composition'. The problem with lensing for some values of LMAX relative to NSIDE, mentioned in the v1.7.1 release page, still exists.

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Known bugs and issues

The following table give a staus report of known bugs and issues that should be fixed when the version 1.7.2 is used. Download the corresponding patches (single program files) and replace the corresponding original code in the 1.7.2 distribution.

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DateBug or issueSolutionDownload patch
28 September 2011 The PSM run fails if the parameter 'OBS_TASK' is not set in the configuration file (no valid default value). Always define 'OBS_TASK' ('new', 'update' or 'none').
29 September 2011 There is a memory leak in band integration, that causes the PSM eventually to fill the available memory for large scale simulations. Replace the "" file in "Soft/observation/skyobs/". v1.26
12 October 2011 Small scale galactic emission is wrong for nside=2048. Replace the "" and "" files in "Soft/skymodel/galaxy/", and the "" file in "Soft/skymodel/galaxy/general/". v1.7 v1.8 v1.19
08 May 2012 Bug in WMAP sources (excessive flux due to units error for sources not detected in K band) Replace the "" file in "Soft/skymodel/ps/". v1.16

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