PSM release 1.7.0-beta

About this version

This is the first released version of the PSM after complete revision of the software. Most of the code has been updated or rewritten, the general structure has been redesigned. The major changes are:

There are still a number of loose ends, for instance:

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Known bugs and issues

The following table give a staus report of known bugs and issues that should be fixed when the version 1.7.0-beta is used. Download the corresponding patches (single program files) and replace the corresponding original code in the 1.7.0-beta distribution.

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DateBug or issueSolutionDownload patch
30 August 2011 The version number written in the PSM outputs is 1_7_0, instead of 1_7_0-beta as it should. The next release will be 1_7_1 to avoid any ambiguity.
30 August 2011 Bug in tool, ORDERING keyword not properly written in header when output is in NESTED format. Replace the "" file in "Soft/tools/sht/".
Note: this is necessary only if you use the PSM toolbox independently of PSM runs (the PSM currently only writes HEALPix maps in RING format). v1.37
01 September 2011 The parameters for the generation of small scale fluctuations in galactic components have to be revised. Use v1_7_1.
02 September 2011 The PSM run fails during the generation of the FIRB component if the !PSMROOT directory name does not end with the / (slash) separator. This is fixed in next releases. For v1_0_7-beta, just make sure the !PSMROOT directory name does end with the slash separator.
28 September 2011 The PSM run fails if the parameter 'OBS_TASK' is not set in the configuration file (no valid default value). Always define 'OBS_TASK' ('new', 'update' or 'none').
29 September 2011 There is a memory leak in band integration, that causes the PSM eventually to fill the available memory for large scale simulations. Replace the "" file in "Soft/observation/skyobs/". v1.26
12 October 2011 Small scale galactic emission is wrong for nside=2048. Replace the "" and "" files in "Soft/skymodel/galaxy/", and the "" file in "Soft/skymodel/galaxy/general/". v1.7 v1.8 v1.19
08 May 2012 Bug in WMAP sources (excessive flux due to units error for sources not detected in K band) Replace the "" file in "Soft/skymodel/ps/". v1.16

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