Multimessenger probes of superheavy dark matter decay and annihilation

We revisit constraints on decaying very heavy dark matter (VHDM) using the latest ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray (UHECR; E >1e18 eV) data and ultrahigh-energy (UHE) gamma-ray flux upper limits, measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory. We present updated limits on the VHDM lifetime for masses up to ∼ 1e15 GeV, considering decay into quarks, leptons, and massive bosons. In particular, we consider not only the UHECR spectrum but their composition data that favors heavier nuclei. Such a combined analysis improves the limits at <1e12 GeV because VHDM decay does not produce UHECR nuclei. We also show that the constraints from the UHE gamma-ray upper limits are ∼ 10 times more stringent than that obtained from cosmic rays, for all of the Standard Model final states we consider. The latter improves our limits to VHDM lifetime by a factor of two for dark matter mass >1e12 GeV. We also provide constraints using neutrino flux from dark matter decay, including the neutrino-induced cascades. We consider the interaction of UHE neutrinos with the cosmic neutrino background, leading to the attenuation of the extragalactic flux reaching Earth, which improves our analysis to obtain tighter constraints.


Mardi, 10 octobre, 2023 - 14:00 to 15:00

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Saikat Das


YITP, Kyoto University

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