Euclidean Wormholes and Holography

Wormholes are exotic solutions of General Relativity that still challenge our physical intuition. In this talk I will first review and distinguish various types of wormholes along with their expected physical properties. I will then focus on asymptotically AdS wormhole solutions in the context of holography. I will explain how to compute correlation functions of local operators as well as non local observables such as correlation functions of Wilson loops on the distinct boundaries and discuss their behavior. From the computations mentioned, we observe that the dual theory is expected to be described in terms of two interacting sectors coupled by a UV soft, non-local interaction. Finally, I will present a simple effective field theory construction that can explain the behaviors that we observe from these gravitational computations and briefly mention a work in progress trying to understand the physics of microscopic wormholes a la Coleman.


Mardi, 29 septembre, 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00

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Betzios Panos



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