Colloquium APC : Concordance of the Dirac-Milne Universe

Concordance of the Dirac-Milne universe

« The Dirac-Milne universe, a matter-antimatter universe where antimatter
has a negative gravitational mass, presents several elements
of concordance with our universe, except apparently for two tests:
primordial helium-3, and BAO, at least if the latter is interpreted in a
conventional way.
After a discussion on the definition of a negative mass particle,
I will describe the formation of structures in the Dirac-Milne universe,
as well as some additional studies that can be carried out on
this model, in order to further test its concordance with our universe. »

References :
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Vendredi, 15 février, 2019 - 11:00 to 12:00

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  • Colloquium APC

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Gabriel Chardin



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  • Cosmologie