A very light dilaton and naturally light Higgs

We study a very light dilaton, arising from a scale-invariant ultraviolet theory of the Higgs sector in the standard model  of particle physics. Imposing the scale symmetry below the ultraviolet scale of the Higgs sector, we alleviate the fine-tuning problem associated with the Higgs mass. When the electroweak symmetry is spontaneously broken radiatively  a la Coleman-Weinberg, the dilaton develops a vacuum expectation value away from the origin to give an extra contribution  to the Higgs potential so that the Higgs mass is around the electroweak scale. The ultraviolet scale of the Higgs sector can be therefore naturally much higher than the electroweak scale, as the dilaton drives the Higgs mass to the electroweak scale.  We also show that the light dilaton in this scenario is a good candidate of dark matter of mass $m_D\sim 1~{\rm eV}-10~{\rm keV}$, if the ultraviolet scale is about $10-100~{\rm TeV}$.


Mardi, 12 septembre, 2017 - 14:00

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483 A - Malevitch

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Deong Ki Hong


Pusan University

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