Software engineer for multi-messanger astronomy


Participation in design and development of Multi-Messenger Observatory (MMO) platform for analysis of multi-messenger astronomical data (including the gamma-ray, X-ray, neutrino telescope and gravitational wave detector data) at the Astroparticle and Cosmology Laboratory (APC).


  • Participate in development of the web front-end, API, and Python library for MMO platform
  • Participate in the management of cloud infrastructure of MMO
  • Integrate data and analysis tools for specific telescopes in the platform.


  • Techniques of astronomical data analysis and simulations;
  • methods and techniques of software design in the framework of complex collaborative international projects;
  • written and spoken English (level B2 required);
  • knowledge of software development and optimization of scientific calculations, scientific programming libraries, specifically of Python ecosystem;
  • Knowledge of production tools for code management, testing and validation, continuous integration and documentation;
  • Knowledge of container-based virtualization technology.


Multi-Messenger Observatory (MMO) is a data analysis platform developed by Francois Arago Centre (FACe) at APC. Its aim is to provide online on-the-fly analysis tools for X-ray and gamma-ray telescopes and for neutrino and gravitational wave detectors. The APC team (A. Neronov, C. Cavet) is involved in the development of the platform in collaboration with APC teams involved in international projects in the domains of X-ray, gamma-ray, neutrino and gravitational wave astronomies. The engineer will work in contact with these teams to them in integration of analysis tools of different telescopes into the MMO platform.


Andrii Neronov



Mercredi, 19 août, 2020

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