Seminar of Philosophy of Science: Particle Physics at the Crossroads

Seminar of Philosophy of Science

Particle Physics at the Crossroads

Speaker: Dr Martin King, University of Bonn


The lack of new physics discoveries at the LHC has had a dramatic effect on the efforts of the particle physics community. As the predictions of model-based searches have failed, physicists have increasingly turned to model-independent approaches. This marks a strong shift in scientific methodology that may be here to stay. In this talk, I will review some of the major views on methodology from the history and philosophy of science from Newton to Popper. I then characterise model independence, and the Standard Model Effective Field Theory in particular, as a move away from classic hypothesis testing. I finish by reviewing some of potential worries about the future of particle physics at these new crossroads.

Thursday the 18th of March, 15:00 CET

Zoom: link communicated via e-mail

We are organising a cycle of seminars of philosophy of science at the APC.
During 30 min, philosophers will present their research on a topic related to the themes of research of the laboratory. The presentation will be folllowed by a 30-min discussion between the audience and the speaker.
The event is open to all APC members, external members can assist on request.

Leïla Haegel
Henri Inchauspé


Jeudi, 18 mars, 2021 - 15:00 to 16:00

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Martin King


University of Bonn

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