Astrophysique à Haute Energie

Réunion ML, DL, AI

Première réunion sur les projets actuels ou futurs des groupes de recherche de l'APC qui utilisent les techniques avancées d'analyse basées sur le "Machine Learning", le "Deep Learning" et l'Intelligence Artificielle.

New eyes on the X-ray sky: First Results from eROSITA on SRG

The emergence of the three-dimensional structure of the cosmic web over
the history of the Universe displays very distinctive features when
observed in X-rays, where both the most massive collapsed structure
(clusters of galaxies) and the most energetic events in the life of
galaxies (AGN and Quasars) reveal themselves unambiguously. The next
generation of wide-area, sensitive X-ray surveys designed to map the hot
and energetic Universe will be heralded by eROSITA (extended ROentgen


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