Observations with LHAASO-1/2 and the Construction Status

This is a joint seminar with the Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing.

The Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) as the largest ground based Gamma Ray detector array has the 1/2 array operated for months. Many VHE gamma ray sources has been observed including well known sources such as J1809+06 and Mkr421. It has detected a gamma-like event at the energy of 526 TeV as the record high energy in the history. It has also measured the SEDs of several galactic gamma sources above 100 TeV thus reveals strong indication of PeVatrons in our galaxy. The shower detector array with the coverage of 1/2 km2 and water Cherenkov detector with an active area of 45000 m2 have been put in operation for science since the beginning of 2020. Hybrid measurement of charged CRs with 8 Cherenkov telescopes and the ground array is also carried out in the winter observation season. Huge number of events are collected. Preliminary results of the analysis will be presented here with related scientific questions being discussed. The experiment status will be updated as well. 



Mardi, 17 mars, 2020 - 10:00 to 11:00

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Zhen Cao for LHAASO Coll.


Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing

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