Observational constraints on inflationary potentials within the quantum collapse framework

The inflationary paradigm is the most successful model for the
generation of primordial perturbations. These perturbations have a
purely quantum origin, while the inhomogeneities and anisotropies
observed today exhibit a classical behavior. The model called Continuous
Spontaneous Localization (CSL) is a proposed mechanism to solve the
measurement problem in quantum mechanics. In this presentation, we will
analyze the theoretical predictions resulting from incorporating the CSL
model into the inflationary Universe. In particular, the predictions for
the scalar spectral index and the tensor-to-scalar ratio are different
from the standard ones.  Based on these predictions, we will show that
the inflationary potentials allowed by recent observational data are
different from the traditional approach.


Mardi, 18 septembre, 2018 - 14:00

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646 A - Mondrian

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Gabriel Leon


National University of La Plata, Argentina

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