Non-Fierz-Pauli bimetric theory from quadratic curvature gravity on Einstein manifolds

I will show that, in four-dimensional spacetimes with an arbitrary
Einstein metric, with and without a cosmological constant, perturbative dynamical degrees of freedom in generic quadratic-curvature gravity can be decoupled into massless and massive parts. The massive part has the structure iden-ical to, modulo the
over-all sign, the non-Fierz–Pauli-type massive gravity, and a further decomposition into the spin-2 and spin-0 sectors can be done. The equivalence at the level of equations of motion allows us to translate various observational bounds on the mass of extra fields into constraints on the coupling constants in quadratic curvature gravity.
We find that the Weyl-squared term is confronting two apparently contradicting constraints on massive spin-2 fields from the inverse-square law experiments and observations of spinning black holes. based on arXiv:1906.12055


Mardi, 22 octobre, 2019 - 14:00 to 15:00

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646A - Mondrian

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Yuuiti Sendouda


Hirosaki University

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