Analyzing diffuse gamma rays to understand the physics of cosmic-ray propagation

I present a broad overview of the current cosmic-ray (CR) transport modeling, and discuss several recent results obtained with the DRAGON code. Several anomalies in the measured CR spectra and gamma-ray data are discussed with particular focus on: the positron excess, the hint of an antiproton excess, the proton and helium spectral breaks, the gamma-ray GeV excess, which may point to either new classes of sources, non-standard propagation models, or new physics.  I remark the crucial role of gamma-ray data in this field, as a unique probe of the CR transport properties in different regions in the Galaxy. In the last part I present a recent, detailed analysis of the gamma-ray data in the Galactic ridge in a wide energy range, and discuss whether the H.E.S.S. data can actually point to a PeVatron in the center of the Galaxy.



Mercredi, 8 février, 2017 - 14:00 to 15:00

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salle valentin - 454A

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Daniele Gaggero


Universiteit van Amsterdam

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  • Astrophysique à Haute Energie