Miniworkshop on Holographic QCD at high densities, neutron stars and gravitational waves

This one-day workshop will bring together theorists working on the AdS/CFT correspondence, nuclear physics, and General Relativity for an interdisciplinarly exchange aimed at developing a consistent holographic picture of QCD matter at high density, from model building to the description of compact objects and observation via gravitational wave signals. Invited speakers include: Umut Gursoy (Utrecht U); Matti Jarvinen (Utrecht U. and Tel Aviv U.); Niko Jokela (Helsinki U.); Micaela Oertel (LUTH); Eric Gourgoulhon (LUTH). 


9.30-10    coffee
10-11       Gourgoulhon
11-12       Gursoy
12-14       Discussion + lunch
14-15       Oertel
15-16       Jokela
16-16.15   coffee
16.15-17.15 Jarvinen
17.15- ...   Discussion


Mercredi, 27 novembre, 2019 - 10:00 to 18:00

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  • Workshop/Ateliers

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  • Théorie