Local sources of 100 TeV neutrinos

Multi-messenger data of high energy neutrinos by IceCube and  gamma-rays by Tibet AS-gamma show new signal at 100 TeV energies outside of Galactic plane but below 20 degrees from it. This mysterious signal challenge conventional cosmic ray models, which predict major Galactic signal from Galactic plane and no significant flux at high galactic latitudes, as seen at GeV energies by Fermi LAT telescope.

Here we show that main assumption of continues distribution of cosmic rays in Galaxy is broken at PeV energies. 
We present new model which explain multi-messenger data by  cosmic rays propagating from few local sources and producing gamma-ray and neutrino signal in local molecular clouds.   


Mardi, 4 octobre, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00

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Dmitri Semikoz



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