The High Energy Gamma-ray Astrophysics group at APC started its activities in the mid 1980's at the PCC laboratory at Collège de France with the exploration of the Solar Plant Themis in the French Pyrénées as a potential site for gamma-ray astronomy. The APC team has been a major actor in the emergence of the field thanks to its active participation to the design, operation and exploitation of the first, second and third generation of Cherenkov telescopes, namely the qualification of the wave-front sampling technique with the Themistocle (1988-1995) and CELESTE (1998-2002) experiments, followed by the implementation the high resolution imaging technique thanks to the CAT telescope (1996-2002) and the HESS array (1999-).

The HESS observatory, settled in Namibia, has revolutionised the field through its first phase (four 12m class telescopes, 2003-2012) and phase II (5 telescopes entailing the largest 28 m class/lowest energy threshold dish – 20 GeV – in the world) both in the galactic and extragalactic domains. The team is now taking part in the preparation of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) project which involves more than 1000 researchers and 190 institutions across the world.

Image: The Solar Plant Themis in the French Pyrénées which was the host of the major French VHE gamma-ray experiments (1988-2002), Themistocle, ASGAT, CAT and CELESTE.

Multiwavelength Data Analysis
H.E.S.S. experiment
CTA project


Liste des agents impliqués à l’APC

  • DJANNATI-ATAI Arache (Group leader)
  • GABICI Stefano
  • KHELIFI Bruno
  • LEMIERE Anne
  • PITA Santiago
  • PUNCHMichael
  • TERRIERRegis


PhD Students

  • TAVERNIER Thomas
  • JOUVIN Lea



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  • Lucie Gerard, 2010, "Noyaux actifs de galaxies émetteurs dans le domaine GeV-TeV : observations et étude dans le cadre du modèle d'unification"
  • Vincent Marandon, 2010, "Nébuleuses de pulsars : sondage profond de la Galaxie au TeV et études multi-longueurs d'onde"