Gravitation Group Seminar

We will be welcoming Riccardo Buscicchio (Università di Milano-Bicocca and INFN, Sez. di Milano-Bicocca) for the Gravitation group seminar. This seminar will take place online (the zoom link can be found below) next Monday, June 13 at 10:00 am CEST

Riccardo will give an introduction to: 
Title:  Stellar mass binary black holes: what, when, and where

To date, almost a hundred gravitational-wave signals from compact binary coalescences have been confidently detected by the LIGO-Virgo collaboration, the biggest fraction most likely originated by binary black-holes mergers. Moreover, over the final years of their life, stellar-mass binary black holes radiate gravitational waves that will be observable by both space-based (such as LISA) and ground-based instruments (such as LIGO, Virgo and the next generation observatories Cosmic Explorer and the Einstein Telescope). In this talk I will give my very personal overview of the opportunity and international readiness for the observation of these sources in LISA. I will present results of a full Bayesian parameter estimation performed on a representative set of sources from this class. Following, I will describe recent results from a full parameter estimation both on the space and ground-based observations for some typical sources using state-of-the-art waveforms that include eccentricity and spin induced precession. We show that multi-band observations of these sources allow for measurement of their 17 parameter with exquisite precision. Finally, I will present some early work characterizing the prospects for association of such events with Active Galactic Nuclei, putative hosts of these binaries.


Lundi, 13 juin, 2022 - 10:00 to 11:00

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  • Séminaire

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Buscicchio, Riccardo


INFN, Sezione di Milano-Bicocca

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  • Gravitation

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