Galaxy evolution and its effect on merging binaries


In this talk I will provide a comprehensive overview of the influence of the galactic environment on the properties of gravitational waves (GW) sources, addressing how stellar mass, star formation rate and, most importantly, metallicity affect the redshift and chirp mass distribution of GWs. I will show that current observations and empirical relations are still subject to significant uncertainties, preventing us from making precise predictions about the merger rates of compact binaries. From the theoretical perspective, I will present the first promising results of a new semi-empirical model of galaxy evolution I am developing, able to explain the timescales and formation channels of bulges, disks and elliptical galaxies. I will emphasize how a predictive model of this type
can be exploited yo compute compact binaries merger rates and to perform host galaxy association.

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Lundi, 15 mai, 2023 - 09:30 to 10:30

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